Atlasware FAQ

Q: Are Atlasware bottles dishwasher safe?

A: YES! Atlasware bottles are bottom rack safe. Lids can be placed in silverware or accessory holders.


Q: Where are Atlasware bottles manufactured?

A: Hand made in India of the highest quality stainless steel.


Q: How long will Atlasware bottles keep my drinks hot or cold?

A: Atlasware Guarantees that hot beverages will stay hot for over 18 hours and cold will stay cold for over 24 hours.


Q: Are Atlasware products guaranteed?

A: Atlasware products carry a 100% replacement guarantee applicable to manufacturing defects affecting the hot/cold retention properties of the bottle.


Q: Are Atlasware bottles vacuum sealed AND insulated?

A: Yes. Atlasware bottles use a 3-stage vacuum sealing process and then have a foil insulator placed in between the two walls to provide superior temperature retention qualities.


Q: Can I customize bottles with my company logo or personalize for a gift?

A: Yes. We can customize your bottle(s) with a logo, name, graphic, finish, etc. to give you a one of a kind gift, giveaway, promotional item, etc. Contact us for the best price and volume purchasing options.